She was born on a rainy evening when the land was transforming its color to green from brown. Her bright big eyes seemed shining with more glee. Her mother was resting on a silk bed. Meanwhile, the maid took the baby to her father. He was very happy to see the baby who was smiling like a bright sunflower. He felt so special and blessed. The baby’s smile seemed as pleasant as heaven. Her father named her “Nanda Devi” by adorning her neck with a beautiful gold chain. Mother Yashodhara named the baby as  “Alankritha”.
Baby Alankritha when she was 5 years old, met two girls who were daughters of her mother’s maids. She was engaged in daily maths, arts and science classes which were taught at her home. She played with her two friends. The girl had many pets in her garden which moved around and playing with her all the time. There were two swans, a peacock along with his mate, two rabbits and few parrots and pigeons.
On a Monday when Alankritha was sitting in her garden, having some sweet chat with a parrot, heard a sound. She thought it might be a bird. She asked her kinsman to get her that bird. But, it was not a bird. A boy was playing the flute, who was the son of one of her kinsman. But no one brought her the bird that she was thinking of. One day she asked her nurse about that sounds, then the nurse replied, “My sweetheart that sounds are nothing but music, The Blessing of the Nature”. The girl was confused and again asked her nurse whether human beings can be blessed with music. she replied, “Oh! Why not? Everyone can learn music. It is a form of Goddess Saraswathi. People learn to play different instruments ”.
Alankritha went to her mother and she said about her interest in music. She asked her mother that she want to learn music. Yashodhara said to her husband, Veerendra Singh, about their daughter’s wish to learn music. The girl’s father replied, “No!, My daughter shouldn’t learn music ”.

………. To be continued.


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