Alankritha was sad after her father decision about the music classes. She sat near the pond. After a gloomy dusk, she fell asleep on the bench beside the pond. Exactly at the midnight, she heard loud noises. Followed by those scary noises she heard beautiful music and she woke up. “What are these noises?” thought Alankritha. She couldn’t  sleep after all this had happened. She sat staring at the pond. She found a flute floating on the pond. She took that. The flute was very beautifully engraved with gems and was made of bronze. She found it very mysterious. The flute was shining by the moonlight. The whole night she sat thinking about that flute.


The next morning she met the boy and gave him the flute she found last night and said about the sounds she heard. The boy tried to play the flute but he couldn’t do it. He took the flute with him and gave it to his Guru. “Where did you get this?” Guru asked the boy. “One of my friends gave me this flute. She found this flute floating on the pond. And why am I unable to play it?” asked the boy. “You can’t play this my boy”, said the Guru.

To be continued…


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  1. MoJo says:

    That’s such a lovely post. I look forward to the next part of it. 🙂

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