Happy Birthday my dear Ma’am

The most Beautiful woman in pink….


A mother who takes care of each single,

Loves to look simple.

Black curly hair tied up in a bun,

made her look like the sun,

spreading bright shine

with her smile.

The way she says God Bless!!,

made everyone’s day filled with bliss.

Something irritates, she said “My foot!!”,

hitting the floor with her foot.

The way she teach,

would make the water pure which was filled with bleach.

She says, “wear a smile on your face,

rather than a jewel, that might increase your grace”.

My ma’am blesses every child, “God Bless you!!”.

A li’l girl said her “God Bless you!!”,

She smiled…


Wish my lovely ma’am have many Happy Birthdays more…

With love,

wishing that she would bless me throughout my life,




13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday my dear Ma’am

  1. So sweet, Neeraja 🙂 Thank you for the follow. I love how people from all over the world come together in the blogosphere! wish you well. Just a small comment you may want to think about. You have some white font links in the top of your header (Home, About, Contact etc) which are very hard to see against some of the background images.

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